[Tutorial] Como fazer uma AdBoard

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[Tutorial] Como fazer uma AdBoard

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Start off by getting yourself a logo. I took the Liga Sagres logo from google Image Search:

First things first, we're going to make it so that the "ball" logo appears on the sides, and the text in the middle, something like this:

So first we cut the ball from the image. Select it with the Rectangular Marquee, and copy it, then open a new file and paste it in. Crop it up so there's no excess space, and then resize it. FM09's ad baords are 1024x128 in size, so we'll go for a 100 height on the vall so that it doesn't touch the edges.

Make a new file now, 1024x128, and paste the ball in twice, one for either side as above. Next thing, seperate the text into seperate files just like you did with the ball. Again, trim them down to get rid of excess, and resize them to 100 height, like this:

Now paste them in and move them so that they are in the middle, again as in the finished product.

Now, save this as a PNG file, and we're done!

Thanks for reading the tutorial, and most ad boards won't be as hard as this to do (honest!), but if you need any further help with any of this, don't hesitate to ask me on MSN, via PM or bu just posting in this thread, and I'll try to help you as best I can.

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Portions of this bear a certain degree of similarity to a tutorial called Make Boring Sponsors Interesting by htafc4eva, so I guess I have to thank him for helping me out a bit in that respect.

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